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Thank you for clicking through to our website. At last count, there were over 900 San Francisco realtors listed on Yelp (yikes!), so we’re very glad you’re here.

We take our 5-star Yelp reviews seriously because over 85% of our new clients come from introductions from our past clients. But sometimes you don’t learn everything you want to know from a simple Yelp review. That’s why we created these brief videos.

We hope they give you more insight into who we are and how we can help you.

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Buying a home can be a scary proposition. But education is a great way to break through that fear, which is why it’s our focus with clients who are in the market to buy. Watch this video and learn:

  • What a listing price is
    really for
  • The secret to mastering the market as a buyer
  • The surprising thing to think about when you buy


Selling a home creates all kinds of stress because you don’t want to make a wrong move. Luckily, we have a proven way to help sellers get the best price for their home. Watch this video and learn:

  • The most common mistakes sellers make
  • What’s crucial for a seller to recognize
  • The big question to ask when sellers hire an agent

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